Guntai Girls

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Hand drawn

All characters in the Guntai Girls collection are hand-drawn in that perfect 90's aesthetic.
School Girl Ume
Ume Oh is the first Guntai Girl character. Here you can see her in the school sailor outfit with a few choice accessories including Rose Glasses, Heart Earrings, Leaf necklace and our favourite Luna background.
Weekend Ume
It can't be business all the time. Ume loves her weekend suspender outfit, accessorised with her favourite owl rim glasses, pink mask and everyones favourite yellow suspenders.
Holo Ume
One of our favourite rare variants of Ume. In her street wear outfit, moon necklace, holo background and leaf tiara. Ready for battle.

New characters every month

Guntai Girls releases a new character banner every month, with small supply. The banner will run for 2 weeks and give each individual 5 chances to pull and attempt to collect the rarest variant. Make sure to bookmark your calendar for the next character drop. (24/02/22)

Win Ethereum

Every month a 2 week long battlefield opens in the Guntai Girl universe. Every NFT held is a ticket into this battlefield. Each NFT allows you one chance to eliminate another from said battlefield, the last surviving members will split the pot. The first prize pot is set at $10,000 USD

Vote for the future of Guntai Girls

Every NFT holder is given a chance to vote on upcoming features and character banners. Help us shape the future of the project, be involved.

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